We work to break the wall between Dev and Ops for problem solving through joint effort instead of in silos. And by shifting focus to agility, tighter feedback loops, and rapid iterations, we ultimately help you get a process that simplifies software delivery and maximizes its velocity

Continuous Integration

Regularly merging code changes into a central cloud repository enables teams to find and fix bugs quicker, improving code quality and accelerating update releases

Continuous Testing

Automated tests run in parallel with every build and delivery remove the major roadblock — i.e., testing — which delays delivery. Shift left strategies allow catching issues early, driving efficiency

Continuous Delivery

Automatic preparation of code changes for an automatic release to testing and preproduction environments ensures that your developers always have deployment-ready deliverables

Continuous Deployment

Automating the entire release process using container technologies allows teams to push deployments into production and implement rollbacks in a click, with code automatically checked for issues


Splitting an application into smaller, separate services that run their own processes gives flexibility to scale and deploy any service without disrupting other teams

Infrastructure as Code

Servers, storage, and databases provisioned by writing code save your teams the trouble of manual provisioning and deployments, allowing them to interact with the infrastructure programmatically